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I want to draw a box

Renderless has been a passion project for a number of years. It originally started out as a front end framework like Backbone or jquery that was designed to abstract out common actions for front end devs. As I worked on it I began to realize the problem I wanted to solve was not a different hammer but a new way to build. As frameworks like React and Vue emerged I began to understand both the problems they solved using the concep of the virtual dom, but I also realized that they still hadn't solved MY problem. Even though the majority of my time is spent in code these days I still consider myself primarily a designer: code is just my design interface. The problem with code basically its bandwidth, drawing a box in code is slow and requires changes to multiple points in the code to make simple changes. The problem with tools like Sketch and Adobe XD is that while they let me draw a box, I'm not using the actual medium, and so in the end, I'm just creating something that will have to be eventually turned into code anyways. So, I am, embarking on what I hope will be the first production ready version of Renderless.